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Medical Record Auditing

The Federal Government and the insurance industry are advancing their rights to ensure compliant reimbursement.  Medical records are continually evaluated for errors to ensure the proper adjudication and payment of health claims.  MediQuick Physician Services has been providing medical record coding and audits for many years, long before Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) and Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) audits were implemented, and we continue to offer these services for a variety of clients.

In 2013, MediQuick Physician Services became approved by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) to be a distinguished Independent Review Organization (IRO) to provide OIG-sanctioned healthcare providers with mandated annual and period audits. Under this umbrella, MediQuick’s role requires an uncompromising commitment to excellence in coding as well as insight and application of the OIG’s rules for reporting and RATSTAT record selection.

The top ten observations from medical record audits are:

    1. Evaluation & Management incorrect level of service
    2. Evaluation & Management hospital admit services – code requirements not met
    3. Incorrect use of modifier -59 for unbundling surgical codes
    4. Incorrect use of -25 with Evaluation & Management services performed with a procedure
    5. Unspecified or incorrect diagnosis codes
    6. Medical necessity of services not met
    7. Inaccurate linkage of CPT® to diagnosis codes
    8. Missing signatures
    9. Unacceptable or missing attestation from supervising physician of resident services
    10. Cloned notes

Maybe you do not need a coder, but have coding and billing questions?  We can provide a level of support based on your practice’s needs, which will serve as your personal “off-site” coder.  Whether it is the occasional question, or ongoing daily inquiries, our staff of certified coders will provide answers to your tough coding questions as a cost-effective and no-hassle method of business.  If you are interested in our remote Q&A coding service, contact us and request a free “Trial offer” coding question.  We will respond with your coding answer within 24 hours and provide you with a quote to purchase this feature as an ongoing service for your organization.

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